JnL Visuals started as a brother and sister duo but quickly expanded to a team of four.  We are a family and team who pride ourselves on providing great quality work that is creative and a customer experience one won't forget. 



Meet our Team

Willijah Dawson - Manager/Photographer 

 You can find Willijah with a camera in hand but her primary responsibility is to ensure JnL Visuals is running smooth...  Her organizational skills and the ability to bring a Vision to life is what JnL Visuals needed to get off the ground.  Willijah has a Business background  and a passion to see JnL succeed ..For this reason it was only fitting for Willijah to take on the role as Manager. To see what else Willijah is up to visit her site:  www.willijah.com 


Willjavian Dawson -Photographer/Videographer 

Willjavian has always had a passion for visual media, film and photography ... What initially  started as a hobby later became his career of choice.  Willjavian has a degree in Graphic communications and is truly gifted... His love for Visuals Arts shines through any project that he puts his hand on.  Willjavian initially started a filming company known in the area as Solid Films....  In 2016 Willijah and Willjavian.. decided to join forces and create a brand you  now know as JnL Visuals.  To see what else Willjavian is up to visit his IG page www.instagram.com/_jvn_


 Kevin Malone -Photographer/Videographer 

Kevin recently joined the team due to his great eye for film... Prior to joining the JnL Visuals team Kevin worked alongside Willjavian under Solid Films.   Kevin does not hold back in capturing the best parts of an event or a Party ... He knows exactly what to capture and how to throw it all together in Post Production. To see what else Kevin is up to visit his FB page www.facebook.com/IKevMalone


Mikasha Dawson -Administrative Assistant and Asst. Photographer 

Mikasha recently joined the team to take on the administrative duties for JnL and to assist when needed to photograph and/or film. Outside of JnL Mikasha is a stay at home Mom. To see what else Mikasha is up to go to  www.instagram.com/kmar319